Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

"At ERH, we believe our greatest asset is our staff.  When we take really good care of them, in return they take exceptional care of our customers."

Joan Wetzel, ERH Director of Organizational
Development and Human Resources

ERH is one of Cincinnati’s Top Work Places and has been for the past five years. At ERH, our mission is to enrich the lives of older adults in a person-centered, innovative and spiritually based way.

Take a closer look and discover for yourself what makes ERH so special. You will quickly find that it’s the dedicated, talented and caring staff members who create and sustain a work environment that is positive, rewarding and fun.

Our culture is what makes us different.  There is something really special happening within our communities and services.  We are so proud to offer a workplace that truly celebrates the talents of our employees, while honoring them as individuals. It’s really about whether employees feel inspired and are given room to do great things.

As a result, Episcopal Retirement Homes offers some of the lowest staff turnover ratios and highest employee satisfaction scores in the industry. After all, when you love what you do, it shows.





Epicopal Retirement Homes
3870 Virginia Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45227

What our employees say:

“We just naturally establish lasting and meaningful relationships with both our colleagues and residents; it’s much more a community where people care about each other, than just a place to work.”
- Rhonda Barnes, Community Relations Move-In Coordinator

"I love the people at ERH. They make you feel important. They encourage you by letting you know when you are doing a good job. They notice and let you know they notice."
- Portia Ventus, Administrative Assistant

“At ERH everyone is treated with respect.  That can be contagious.”
- Jim Fisk III, Wellness Director