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Requisition Number 18-0043
Title PFB Customer Service Resolution Specialist - Lead
Location UVA Research Park
City Charlottesville
State VA
Hours per week Full Time
Description POSITION TITLE: PFB Customer Service Resolution Specialist, Lead
DEPARTMENT: Patient Friendly Billing
REPORTS TO: Customer Service Supervisor, PFB

GENERAL SUMMARY: Provides oversight and operational guidance in the day to day operations of the Customer Service Resolution Representative and performs area specific financial functions of a complex and specialized nature requiring the application and interpretations of policies and procedures, monitors, analyzes, and conducts reviews for quality using advanced unit knowledge to proactively trouble shoot patient relations issues, improve systems, and the performance of the related staff and process. The call center is the primary point for all inbound contacts from our customers. Primary focus includes both timely responses to customers’ inquiries via a variety of pathways and outreach efforts to resolve open unresolved inquires. Contacts may be initiated by customers, fax, mail, email, work listing or other vehicles of communication. Respond knowledgeably to a wide range of customer issues. Our goal is to resolve all of the patient’s concerns while maintaining positive relationships with the customer by providing the best possible service to all our customers thereby enhancing the overall engagement with the patient.

Essential functions of the job:
 Provides day to day oversight and operation guidance.
o Oversee the daily activities of the Customer Service Resolution Specialist to ensure department standards are being met
o Primary contact for patients requesting to speak with a higher authority resolving escalated patient relations issues.
o Guide individuals and team toward priorities and coordinate resources to meet objective goals and deadlines
o Supports fellow employees
o Provides timely and specific feedback and helpful coaching
o Review and approve debt to income sheets and account adjustment for patient relation concerns
o Assure email box is worked daily and reports are worked, daily weekly and monthly
o Monitor productivity and training
o Regularly provide management with feed back
o Specific support functions are handled in and organized and timely fashion
 Reviews and analyzes patient relations, billing, collections, and financial screening processes to determine what course of action is to be taken for the patient.
o Participate in the development and yearly review of policies, procedures and sop’s
o Supervisor and Management is promptly advised of problems in timely manner
o Review, revise and document policies and procedures making improvements when necessary to streamline operations and create efficiencies in a timely manner
o Staff is kept updated on implemented policy and procedural changes and improvements
o Liaison with other departments to facilitate problem solving
o Works with supervisor and other staff in the planning/implementation and evaluation of modifications to existing operations/systems, procedures, training and development
o Inaccurate and problem records are reviewed, analyzed and corrected as needed
o Entering, recording, storing or maintaining information in a written or electronic form
o Conducts special research and projects as needed
o Monitors and assesses business needs to refine processes and improve efficiencies
o Assess strengths and development needs of employees thru review of work
o Initiative is demonstrated in staying abreast of relating working knowledge of unit and UVA MC Financial practices and procedures.
o Information is gathered, sorted and validated in a methodical and timely manner

 Resolves patient responsibility balances through proven debt collection techniques.
o Collection telephone calls and/or letters are performed and/or prepared according to department standards.
o Referrals to external collection agencies, the Office of the Attorney General, and/or the Debt Set-Off Program are processed according to standards.
o Warrants in debt and wage garnishments are issued when appropriate.
o Skip tracing is utilized when necessary.
o Division of Motor Vehicles, Tax and/or Virginia Employment Commission records are obtained for collection purposes when necessary.
o Collection percentage must be attained monthly according to set standards.
o Reviews and completes necessary actions regarding attorney and bankruptcy correspondence and maintains a strong knowledge of activities including, but not limited to, liens, wage garnishments, subpoenas and bad debt timelines.
o Must be knowledgeable of the various entities that make up the UVA Health System and provide appropriate information concerning each of them.
 Provides optimum customer service including quality assurance for all patient inquiries
o Phone calls and/or e-mails are responded to within two business days.
o Works and remains focused under stressful conditions while communicating effectively.
o Patient interviews are performed by adapting and utilizing situational based interviewing techniques to meet respective needs, educational levels, and abilities of the interviewee.
o Patient payments are received and handled according to Medical Center policy.
o Accounts are clearly documented on-line.
o Patients requesting pricing information on given services are properly directed.
o Investigates, documents, and resolves calls as appropriate, promptly reporting conflicts and issues to management
o Follow-up on any unresolved Customer Calls/Correspondence within Customer Service Unit guidelines.
o Effectively analyze relevant information and applies sound analytical thinking when triaging Customer Calls/Correspondence.
o Follow-up is performed by telephone and/or written correspondence with customers
o Tracking and follow-up is performed on all accounts referred outside of the Customer Service Unit for timely resolution.
o Must be knowledgeable of the various entities that make up the Medical Center and provide appropriate information concerning each of them.
 Performs the following Contact Center functions:
o Maintains current knowledge regarding use of support programs utilized by the department.
o Support for specific functions of the department is provided, including flexibility around extended hours of operation and attendance.
o Deadline for activities are consistently met.
o Other assignments are willingly accepted if sufficiently trained to perform work
o Constructive improvements to services of the department are recommended based on encounters through normal activity of the position.
 Champion for employee engagement and other initiatives
o Providing leadership
o Fostering effective working relationships
o Participates in employee engagement, performance improvement projects, committees, meetings, and required education programs
 Performs computerized data entry.
o Data entry includes but is not limited to:
 Patient information as related to calls
 Documentation of A2K3, GE Centricity and EPIC
 Follow-up documentation
o Data is entered into the computer accurately.
o Data entry is completed in a timely manner, and incomplete data entry is not allowed to accumulate.
o Data is checked and significant issues are brought to the appropriate individual in a timely manner.
o Databases are maintained with all appropriate information included that supports outreach opportunities.
o Additional database maintenance as assigned.

UPG is an Equal Opportunity Employer

 High School Diploma or GED.
 Some college courses preferred
 At least two years of relevant experience required.
 Experience working in a medical setting preferred
 Experience handling and processing money preferred
 Knowledge of and experience utilizing a personal computer
 Keyboarding skills
 10-key calculator experience preferred
 Experience utilizing billing application software preferred
 Medical coding/billing knowledge preferred
 Communication: Organizes and expresses ideas and information clearly, using appropriate and efficient methods of conveying the information.
 Customer Focus: Responds to customer requests in a timely manner. Communicates with customers to ensure that they are satisfied and their needs met.
 Dependability: Can be relied upon to handle a fair workload, meet deadlines and commitments, and accept responsibility for actions. Demonstrates an ability to work independently.
 Interpersonal Skills: Is sensitive to the needs, feeling and capabilities of others. Approaches others in a non-threatening and pleasant manner.
 Quality of Work: Demonstrates concern for accuracy and quality of work.
 Technical Skills: Demonstrates aptitude for and interest in learning new technology.
 Adaptability: Maintains effectiveness in reaching set goals by adapting to changing circumstances.

WORKING CONDITIONS: High-volume call center environment where employees are required to be consistently stationed at their desks. This position may be eligible for telecommuting work upon review.

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