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Requisition Number 18-0017
Title POD Manager - Patient Friendly Access
Location Regional Primary Care
City Charlottesville
State VA
Hours per week Full time
Description POSITION TITLE: POD Manager – Patient Friendly Access
LEVEL/FLSA: Manager, Exempt
DEPARTMENT: Clinical Practice Group (CPG)
REPORTS TO: Chief of Clinical Operations

GENERAL SUMMARY: The Pod Manager, Patient Friendly Access, primarily manages the scheduling function of the Pod by implementing standards, systems and processes to improve the patient and referring physician access and clinician satisfaction with scheduling activities across the Health System. The Manager ensures the scheduling team and unit (Pod) meet or exceed performance standards focused on patient and referring physician access, correct provider, and capture of pre-appointment medical records, referrals, patient demographic, insurance and other relevant financial information.


Essential Functions of the Job:
 Oversee the performance of the scheduling Pod and departments/service location scheduling and be accountable to meet or exceed the performance standards. Ensure appointments are scheduled with the correct provider and all appropriate information is captured, while coordinating multiple appointments on the same day when available
o Appointments are made accurately, including right patient, to right provider, right amount of time, right type of visit, right information gathered, and using the right process
o Records are requested and/or sent in a timely manner with a defined verification standard
o Verification process for receipt of records, images, pathology slides, etc. Upon receipt, the records need to be organized in an agreed upon standard.
o Required insurance information is obtained and loaded or verified for each appointment scheduled and sufficient time is permitted to complete any requisite pre-authorizations and/or insurance referrals
o Required tasks and fields in pre-registration are accurately completed
 Collaborate to develop an appointment tracking mechanism and workflow to follow critical tasks in sequential order, such as appointments, referrals, records, insurance referral, and pre-authorizations
 Serve as one point of contact for communication and accountability for the design and implementation of PFA for the respective Pod.
 Implement and maintain Health System PFA standards surrounding provider appointment templates, scheduling algorithms and medical record requests within the Pod. Provide input on overall Health System patient access standards. Continuously review current state putting best practices in place.
 Establish and onboard a Pod support team.
o Be responsible for hiring according to the pod staffing model and insuring staff is sufficient, engaged in their work and adhering to all UVAHS policies and procedures
o Be accountable for investigating complaints surrounding Pod schedulers and other stakeholders
 Utilize feedback loop and coordinate with the PFA and Epic teams (Cadence in particular).
 Provide input to the design and implementation of the PFA operating model and scheduling process designs in general and for the respective pod.
 Establish and maintain relationships with executive leaders and care providers across the enterprise and within the Pod to gain PFA buy-in and organizational alignment
 Support the Epic design and build teams to coordinate process redesign and implementation
o Continually validate the PFA standards align with the standards and capabilities of Epic
o Insure Epic tools are updated, available and trained upon for the pod in concert with the Epic team.
 Lead regular pod meetings with administrative and physician leaders within the Pod and to review risks, issues and progress during pod implantation.
 Coordinate with Clinic Managers and related providers within the Pod to gain a full understanding of clinical operations within each clinic and/or operational area in order to fully meet patient, clinic and PFA needs.
 Oversee the performance of scheduling for the Pod and hold the Pod accountable for the design, implementation and management of PFA standards
o Frequently reviews dashboard metrics and acts to improve operational efficiency based on available metrics
 Assist in the removal of barriers for the Pod to help achieve milestones
o Communicate regularly with the Pod stakeholders to determine progress against milestones
o Determine any barriers to achieving milestones and action items required for eliminating barriers
o Coordinate with PFA to provide support needed and insure progress is on track for scheduling Pod development activities, scheduling algorithms and scheduling templates
 Implement work products in the Pod developed by PFA design and implementation teams
o As necessary, participate in weekly design or working sessions
o Review scheduling process and scheduling templates to validate that Epic can support the functions needed
o Appropriately distribute staff to accommodate the workload determined in each Pod
o Review feedback received from patients, clinical staff, and providers to refine and enhance the process and include the feedback and action plan in the progress reports.
 Support the annual budget for patient friendly access and participate in annual budget process
 As necessary, build consensus amongst Pod team members and various clinical and operational leaders (such as CPG Leadership, Clinical Administrators, Department Chairs, Physicians and other care team providers) to gain buy-in on critical decisions
o Communicate with clinical staff as needed to align on project goals
o Communicate with office staff on roles and responsibilities when necessary
o Collaborate across entities involved in Patient Access which may include nursing, social work and other care team providers.
 In consultation with Revenue Cycle leadership
o Develop accountability standards for work queue management including employees and areas responsible for completing the work queues, the time in which the queues need to be completed, back-up coverage, and root cause review for error prevention
o Collaborate on establishment of new or modified processes affecting revenue,
o Respond to metrics provided by PFA by identifying issues, applying resolutions, and monitoring performance standards in a timely manner.
 Oversight of Referral and Authorizations for CPG providers and outreach clinics
o Provide Direct Supervision of Centralized Referral and Authorization Team
o Collaborate with Credentialing and Provider Enrollment

WORKING CONDITIONS: General office environment. Travel is required

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Requirements REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities):
 High School Diploma or GED
 Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree Preferred
 Three or more years of experience in outpatient or ambulatory setting
 Licensed to practice as a Registered Nurse in the Commonwealth of Virginia preferred
Knowledge and Skills:
 Past success with managing complex scheduling projects, preferably in large scale transformations.
 Experience leading functional teams with in the scheduling and access or comparable revenue cycle areas
 Skilled in Microsoft Office tools, maintaining project plans and issue reports, project scope, identifying and mitigating project risks, assigning tasks and monitoring progress via status reports.
 Strong collaboration, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to balance many demands simultaneously.
 Experience in successful scheduling and financial clearance transformational projects in an academic medical center or other complex health services organization required
 Detailed knowledge of Epic Cadence and Prelude, ADT modules is preferred
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